Dhoni goes 6, 6, 6 to polish off CSK's innings in style

MS Dhoni, at 42, has been reserving his energies for the late-overs dash in IPL 2024. And the wait was well worth it for his team-mates and fans alike at the Wankhede Stadium on Sunday night, where he played four balls in the 20th over and finished with a strike rate of 500. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary recorded the carnage. 19.1, Hardik to Mitchell, 1 wide Width outside off, Mitchell is beaten as he attempts to cut and pick the hole at profound point. Wide flagged, Hardik audits, however replays affirm it was well external the marker with the hitter making no endeavor to move around the wrinkle. The wide stands. 19.1, 4, Hardik to Mitchell, FOUR runs Hurled down the ground, beats Nabi going around from long-on! Beast force. 19.2, Hardik to Mitchell, 1 wide Lances it way outside off fully expecting the hitter moving around, another wide. Once more tested, can't help thinking about why. 19.2, Hardik to Mitchell, OUT Built to long-on where Nabi takes an astounding catch moving. Mitchell remained on off stump and attempted to swing neatly into the leg side, struck it well yet couldn't get the rise. That ball was voyaging. Mitchell should be asking for what reason they're all commending. The commotion levels are going up continuously. Wankhede thunders. They depend on praise a legend. In comes MS Dhoni. The commotion has quite recently shot through the rooftop. 19.3, 6, Hardik to Dhoni, SIX runs What a hit! That is a MS Dhoni unique. Hardik takes care of a sweet hit-me length to MS, actually must be hit okay and he pummels this over lengthy off. 19.4, 6, Hardik to Dhoni, SIX runs That is smacked over lengthy on! Smacked capably and derisively. Hardik makes the cardinal sin of bowling length, Dhoni has a free swing across the line. It's a level hit. Amazing, simply goodness. 19.5, 6, Hardik to Dhoni, SIX runs Make that three in succession! Hardik loses the plot as he goes full looking for a yorker, yet winds up bowling a full throw on leg stump and Dhoni just smacks that over square leg. Enormous bat speed. 19.6, Hardik to Dhoni, 2 runs Hopes to hurl this more slow conveyance across the line, gets an inside edge that flies wide of the stumps, Ishan can half-stop and Dhoni presses in a moment. What a hair-raising completion!